Pacific Star Capital, LLC

Pacific† Star Capital (PacStar) was founded by Aria Mehrabi, David Walker and† Ethan Penner in June 2003 with the goal of identifying real estate† investment opportunities across the United States that would provide† their investors with attractive risk-adjusted high yield returns and† capital appreciation. PacStarís success is due to the strengths of its† founders who have extensive experience in structured finance, real† estate development and operations; and because of the teamís ability to† identify high value investment opportunities, design optimal development† and financial structures, and deliver results. Since its inception in† June 2003, PacStar has developed and acquired a portfolio totaling in† excess of $700,000,000. PacStar has seasoned personnel in several states† fulfilling a variety of acquisition, investment sales, and asset and† property management roles.



Pacific Star Capital, LLC
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